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Product name : Quilting Embroidery Machine
Product No. : HDD-HX-01
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Innovated Quilting Embroidery Machine can be applied to quilt and embroidery multi-layers cloth simultaneously or separately, it is widely used to produce home textiles, garments, cushions, bags, footwear, leather fabrics, embroidery crafts, and so on. The output reaches hundreds of meters depending on the patterns’ complexity, which are times of traditional quilting or embroidery machineries.

Drive System

Servo motor

X-direction Stroke


Rotating Shuttle

Big rotating shuttle

Working Speed

Max 1200rpm

Power Consumption

Tri-phase 380V/ 4.5~7.5KW



Needle space

Head Nm.

Needle Nm.


Input width
















 Advanced Features:

1, It is computerized control, automatically run, and convenient to operate.

2, Y direction is driven by roller system.

3, Keep plain by tension motor for feed-in and feed-out fabric.

4, Controlled by servo motor at X/Y direction to ensure the precision of embroidery.

5, It has automatic stop device when the thread broken.

6, It has automatic returning re-embroidery function.

7, working head is optional.

8, continuously embroidery a independent pattern, jumping quilting function

9,Tajima, Barudan, ZSK, and SWF formats can be read

10, Special designed mechanical structure reduces the vibration and noise.

11, Simplified mechanical structure ensures the machine running smoothly, few stoppages occurs, easy for maintaining and repairing.

A, Independent head, easy to disassembly for repairing or changing, just ordinary tools can fix the machine.

B, Replacing traditional head suits, no cumulative errors any more.

C, Develop new technology to solve the problem of quick-wear parts, such as: no slide block, no plastic threads protecting board,

12, Lock needles without magnetic plug, easy to select working needles to adapt different size of pattern.

13, Precisely and timely alarm system designed for all working threads, obviously reduce the rate of imperfect.

14, Sealed lubrication system allows no oil leak, meanwhile, ensure the cloth clean and machine components lubricated enough even after a long-term shut down, increase the service life.

15, Fixed needle shelf, needle point never remove or loose, ensuing embroidery precisely even after long term work.

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