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Products > Quilting Machine > > Lock Stitch Quilting Machine
Product name : Lock Stitch Quilting Machine
Product No. : HDD-HFJ-02
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Main Feature:
1. Adjusted speed by computer and the speed can reach 800r/min.

2. The needle bar running adopt aluminum alloy needle bar frame structure, don’t need to add extra lube, strong and durable.

3.Saddling rack and roller are driven by servo equipment,Principal axis adopt the frequency conversion device.

4.Saddling rack adopthigh rigid design of sewing embroidering machine ,Adoptseparation structure of convey cloth rack and moving saddling rack, effectively reduce the load and jitter of saddling rack.

5. Adoptdouble clutch device, effectively solve the synchronization problems of (Front and back) rollers.

6. Adopthigh precise and high rigidity import screw rod

7.360° random quilting and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.

8.Advanced and practical testing upper thread broken techniques, the machine is auto-stop when thread is broken.

9.Infrared sensor makes the operation more secure.

10.Stable operation, low noise, high precision, few break line, easy operating.

11.Unique design concept of three rollers, make the flower shape box line more beautiful, more stable running .

Purpose:It is widely used for quilting high-quality garments, bedding covers, textile, leather, shoes, cap, bags, vanity, gloves, sleeping bag, seat cover and wall decoration etc.

Sample patterns:

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